Lil Wayne is no stranger to facial modifications, and since he's running out of room on his body for ink, he had to put his new brand new tattoo -- which reads “baked” -- on his forehead.

"But officer, how did you know he was high? It's not like it was written all over his face."

Oh. Wait.

Rather than being solely a walking billboard for marijuana (with which he has an intimate love affair), the tattoo is allegedly an homage to the skateboard company Baker Skateboards.

Nice double entendre, Weezy. We see what you did there.

Wayne's new facial art is the latest addition to his already massively-inked mug, which includes teardrops, the logo of the New Orleans Saints, the word “imperfect,” hearts, stars, horsehoes, clovers and blue moons.

Add a leprechaun and some marshmallows and he'll be magically delicious.

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