Anyone who has watched Game of Thrones knows Arya Stark (played by Maisie Williams) should not be underestimated. She's athletic, stealthy, determined, and (avoiding spoilers by being vague) apparently has been impressing Golden Gophers women's head coach Lindsay Whalen in her performances this season.

Whalen tweeted late Monday morning that she had consulted with her staff, and "decided to extend a full athletic scholarship" to Stark, imploring her to help "protect the Bold North"


The tweet drew a lot of comments that had fun with the offer (which was clearly made in jest). It's also a sign that the show has reached peak hype, with no question the final few weeks of the series will be full of additional high-profile tweets and attempts to tie in with the show's buzz, some of which will undoubtedly feel forced or awkward.

As for this tweet, most people seemed to have fun with it in responses they had to it on Twitter. Here's where we get into some potential mild spoilers, so if you go past this point and haven't seen the most recent episode, don't say I didn't warn you.

Here were some of the best takes/responses the tweet drew:


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