This is definitely not something I would want to hear if I were out in the woods! A Minnesota man caught something spooky on camera while out in the woods all alone.

I was doing some internet sleuthing and came across a Facebook page dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in Minnesota. I went down a rabbit hole on the page, reading up on the founder's ties to the supernatural and reading what other Minnesotans may have shared about their supernatural encounters.

There is also a website dedicated to Bigfoot sightings and the people that report seeing the creature. There truly aren't that many people that report Bigfoot sightings so I like to browse the internet for other reports, just for fun.

Over the summer, a rare sighting was reported by a Wisconsin local. He claimed he saw Bigfoot while driving home on a long, windy road one night. It happened in July of 2021 and the reporting party was so convinced about the sighting that his father went back to the sight later that night.

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Needless to say, there just really aren't that many Bigfoot sightings that are reported these days. However, the man who created the Facebook page for Bigfoot sightings says he has had a handful, along with other supernatural experiences!

One of those supernatural experiences happened early this year, in February of 2021. The video was posted along with two words at the caption: tree knock. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of this but there is also a long description accompanying the video.

Apparently, the man who took the video was in the woods with his dog and nobody else. The man says it was around 3:30 in the afternoon and absolutely nobody else was around, however there were deer.

A few minutes into the walk, the man heard a "very loud" and "distinctive" tree knock. He is adamant it was not a snap or a break of a tree branch. The man got spooked and went to a different area in the woods and shortly after that, heard yet another loud knock coming from the spot he was.

You can watch the video below and see if you can hear it yourself. The knocking starts at around the three-minute mark. Something spooky or something supernatural? See for yourself:

That video definitely makes you question a few things, like why wouldn't something spooky be hiding in the woods like that? However, I do wonder why this man was filming in the first place. He seems pretty passionate that it was something spooky and was so confident that it was he shared the video to his page, which has thousands of followers.

Does Bigfoot knock on trees? I should mention that a few people mentioned that the cold temperatures could have led to the frost cracking the trees and things of that nature. I am not so sure what exactly I think. I wish we could have seen a big creature that looks like Bigfoot but I guess I wasn't so lucky this time around!

By the way, where exactly the video was taken was not given but the page is for Minnesotans and their stories so it is a pretty good guess it happened somewhere in the state.

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