Stephan and Solomon Witherspoon are hoping to open a restaurant in Duluth in honor of their father the late Reverend Sylvester "Doc" Witherspoon. The Witherspoon brothers are actively looking for a location for their establishment which will be called Doc Witherspoon’s Soul Food Kitchen. They are currently looking at locations in Lincoln Park.

Sylvester Witherspoon and his wife Sharon raised 10 children together here in Duluth and he served as pastor of New Hope Baptist Church and at Calvary Baptist Church along with running his restaurant called Doc Witherspoon's Chicken Shack in the mid 1980's which was near the now closed K-Mart in West Duluth.

Stephan Witherspoon said to Perfect Duluth Day :

I was in the kitchen with my father when he cooked all the time, so I know all the recipes really well. He fed a lot of people with good soul food, so we want to bring that back out. I make the best fried chicken in the northern hemisphere, let me tell you that. My cornbread-based dressing speaks for itself — it’s incredible!

Solomon said that this restaurant is a dream come true for them, saying they have been cooking basically their whole lives and it is who they are. Plus bringing back their fathers recipes from 40 years ago makes it that much more special.

The restaurant and catering service will feature items like chicken, catfish, oven baked macaroni and cheese, black eyed peas, corn bread and other southern specialties and comfort foods. The Witherspoon's said they are working to raise funds to invest in Doc Witherspoon’s Soul Food Kitchen. They are hoping to raise some seed money to get there project going. They are hosting a pop-up, drive-thru fundraiser at Peace United Church of Christ at 1111 N. 11th Ave. E. on Sunday, Oct. 4 from 5-730pm.

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What a great opportunity for these two, I personally have known Solomon for years and he is an awesome guy. I am so happy for him and his family that they decided to put their efforts into such a beautiful tribute to their father. I am sure the line will be around the block when they open, and I will be there for sure. Remember to support local businesses to help keep out community strong!

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