I stumbled on this great program today while browsing YouTube and checking out one of my favorite fishing channels Superior Angling. The name of this non-profit group is "Catch Your Moment Foundation." It was formed after local cancer survivor Timmon Lund wanted to help other cancer patients. During his own battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, friends brought him out fishing and it became a much need therapeutic escape for him. After he beat cancer, he wanted to pass along the benefits to other battling the disease.

Cathy Your Moment Foundation is a group of professional anglers that provide all inclusive fishing trips customized to the needs of cancer patients and their families. With the many lakes in the surrounding area of Duluth, they are able to go after all sorts of species of fish. Whether it's a day trip on the lake complete with shore lunch, or just casting from the dock, they aim to help cancer patients and their families with a great time using a different type of medicine.

Superior Angling featured them recently on an episode filmed back in October, where you can see first hand what they do.



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