Here's a scam that's a little bit different than the rest.

Police in Chaska, Minnesota are warning the public about lottery and sweepstakes scams.

According to KARE11 News out of Minneapolis, Chaska Police recently met an almost-victim of the scam at one of their local community events.

Here's what happened: the lady received a letter saying she had won half a million dollars from the New York Lottery. The letter arrived in a blank envelope and did not have a return address. It did appear real though, thanks to the official logo on the envelope.

Inside the envelope, there was instructions, advising the woman to wire money to a certain address to cover any fees associated with the win. The envelope also had a check for the woman to cash to cover those fees, which was from an unnamed furniture store in a different state.

Of course, you should never wire money to anyone or any corporation without first doing your research. Take a few extra minutes to do some research and save yourself the hassle in the long run!

Just this month, the IRS warned people of a 'fake tax agency' scam making its rounds. Scammers are posing as a fake tax agency in hopes that people will wire them money.

It seems people really will go to great lengths to scam people out of money. Ugh.

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