I remember back in the day when I was a kid and we would have neighborhood block parties.  The streets would be blocked off, we would have food, games and all the neighbors would mingle and chat on the street and hang out. Those days are gone, but it still pays to get to know your neighbors.

I know when I lived in an apartment building I never knew any of my neighbors and actually did not really care If I did or not, but when you own a house things are different. Not that you want to be the interloper neighbor who throws yourself at them, but a friendly chat or hello goes a long way.

It is good to know that If you are going out of town you can ask them to watch your house, get your mail or If you want to borrow something maybe they will have it for you? This weekend was a perfect example of how awesome my neighbors are, and we are really lucky. My one neighbor let us borrow her hedge trimmer, and my other neighbor offered to not only haul all of the trimmings to the dump for me, but also gave me some lawn and leaf bags to put them in.

To some this may not seem like a big deal, but when you live somewhere where your houses are pretty close together it is pretty important that you develop a good relationship, not just so you can borrow something, but to know that you have someone next to you who is also a friend. I could not even imagine living next to someone who I disliked or even worse was someone who is hard to get along with. We are thanking our lucky stars that we are surrounded by awesome people!