The Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference made the decision to cancel all sports for through December 31st, 2020. The NSIC came to this conclusion after the NCAA Division II Presidents Council cancelled the fall championships. In their press release, the NSIC says they recognize the value of an NCAA championship experience, and that it was a major factor in their analysis.

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NSIC Commissioner Erin Lind says that conditions for safe and healthy competitions do not exist now during COVID-19,

Our student-athletes deserve a competitive experience that provides a greater degree of safety and certainty than current conditions would allow. We believe now is the right time to provide clarity to our student-athletes so we can turn our efforts towards helping institutions reopen and ensuring a safe return to campus to start the academic year.”

The University of Minnesota Duluth is a part of the NSIC conference, so this decision will greatly affect sports this fall and winter for UMD. The college did say in a press release that they intend to make the most out of athletic activities such as training, skill development, team meetings, and practices. Bulldog Athletic Director Josh Berlo expresses his disappointment for student athletes.

"As with other COVID-19 related cancellations, Bulldog Athletics is deeply disappointed for our student athletes who will not have the opportunity to compete this Fall, but understands and respects the NSIC's decision in the interest of campus, community and public health."

While the cancellation of the rest of 2020 for the NSIC affects most of UMD sports, it doesn't not apply to UMD Bulldog Hockey. Men's hockey is part of the NCHC, which hasn't made a final decision yet for the season. Women's hockey belongs to the WCHA, which also hasn't made any decision yet.

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