Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced a brand new large-scale vaccination site for the state.

The Mall of America will become the state's fourth permanent community vaccination site and arms will start getting poked starting this week. The first priority of the new Mall of America site is to get the vaccine into educators and child care workers.

In a Tweet earlier today Walz said that over 8,000 educators and child care workers will be able to get vaccinated during the first week and another 10,000 doses of the vaccine will be available this week at other vaccination sites throughout the state.

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Walz remains optimistic about the vaccine rollout saying that, "We’re continuing to build a reliable network of vaccine options in Minnesota. We'll keep expanding access until every Minnesotan can get their shot."

Earlier this week Hyvee locations in the state started to vaccinate people and the state's other permanent sites in Duluth, Rochester, and Minneapolis. Other pharmacies around Minnesota will also start rolling out the vaccine in the coming days and weeks.

As of Wednesday, February 24th, the current statistics from the Minnesota Department of Health say that over 770,000 people in the state have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, and nearly 371,000 people have gotten both doses and have completed the vaccine series.

The majority of the people who have gotten the vaccine are in the 65+ age range, the 18-49 age range is second (I'm assuming mostly health care workers), and the 50-64 age group makes up most of the remaining vaccinated population.

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