An exciting new attraction just opened in Minnesota that gives visitors the opportunity to participate in one of a few interactive game show experiences.

The new attraction is called "Great Big Game Show", and it is one of a few locations around the country that offer a real-life game show experience in the form of an attraction you and your friends can visit and compete against each other or team up and compete against strangers.

The Minnesota location is located at the Mall of America. Just days after announcing this new experience would be opening sometime this summer, the MOA shared on May 30 that it had opened to the public!

Located on Level 3 East, the Great Big Game Show offers two different types of game show experience that the mall calls "completely re-playable" due to all of the variables in each individual game.

Game Show Experiences at The Great Big Game Show

Great Big Game Show on YouTube
Great Big Game Show on YouTube

The first of the two types of game show experiences is called "The Original". It is described as " a wild ride through rounds of trivia, chance, prop challenges, and speed tests." During the course of the competition, teams will spin, draw, build, wager, and guess their way to victory.

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This experience gives participants a taste of a lot of the different elements seen in various game shows, including a decked-out stage complete with lights, music, and a giant wheel. Here's a preview of what it's like.

The other experience is called "Trivia Showdown". They describe this experience as "A mix of trivia, strategy, and mini-games that will remind you of all of your favorite game shows." During the game, you'll roll giant dice, wager your points, and try to outsmart the other team "in a head-to-head battle of speed and wit". Here's a preview of what it's like.

How much does it cost? How does booking work?

You book on a per-person basis. Up to 14 people can participate in each game, which lasts an hour. That said, you could book just one or two slots to participate in a group of random people, or you could book out the entire game for a private game show experience.

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Individual bookings cost $39.99 per person via their website. If you wanted to do a private group booking, they offer different rates via their booking page.

They have hourly availability, so you can select your time ahead and make your way to the venue ahead of your time for check-in.

In case you're wondering, you don't win any real prizes, but you do get the thrill of a memorable experience and bragging rights if you win.

Where is it located? What are the hours?

It is located next to The Escape Game escape room on Level 3 East, not far from the rotunda.

It is open seven days a week, 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday, and 11 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

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