You'll never look at Hermione Lodge the same way again. For the past few years, Riverdale star Marisol Nichols has been living a double-life. Nichols revealed in a Marie Claire profile last May, titled “The Hollywood Vigilante,” that she has been volunteering as an undercover agent against sex trafficking while acting in the popular CW show. Like, for real. The actress has been involved in multiple domestic and international sting operations, posing as “bait” to lure child predators to the FBI. The story is so wild that Sony Pictures Television plans to turn it into a television show, according to Deadline.

While the project is in the earliest developmental stages, Sony Pictures TV has already secured the rights to Nichols’ story. The actress began her work with the FBI and local law enforcement in 2012, during a reported dry spell in her entertainment career. Nichols has had guest roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Law & Order: SVU, and it was her preparation for those roles that inspired her to get involved. Nichols has acted as a parent pimping out a child, or sometimes as a child herself, interacting directly with the suspects at hand.

In 2014, Nichols started the nonprofit Foundation for a Slavery Free World. As a victim of sexual assault herself, Nichols uses her platform to spread awareness on the subject. In addition to executive producing the series based on her life, Nichols will most likely star in it as well. Who better to tell this fascinating story than the Hollywood Vigilante herself?

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