A little boy received a giant six foot beach ball for his birthday and went and let it set sail on this past July 4th onto Island Lake. The massive beach ball is making  it's way around the lake and residents and visitors alike are loving every minute of it.

When someone comes upon the ball they don't just give it a shove, they actually pull out a black marker and write their names on the ball and maybe a little message too, then push it back out into the lake.

Presley Paulson who is 11 years old and said she and her friends like to hunt for the ball on kayaks and jest skis. She said that having the beach ball on the lake has made this a summer she will never forget. She said " It's exciting our names on it. It's kinda cool so I hope they do it next year too."

Denise Bussa and her husband currently live on the lake said to CBS3: 

So my husband and a few friends that were visiting went searching for it. It was kind of like doing a treasure hunt.

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The Roberts Family who started the tradition will be pulling the beachball out of the water for the season on Labor Day. Residents of Island Lake can track where the ball has been spotted on the lake on their  Community Facebook Page.

What a great way to bring the residents together in this lake community and make memories for kids and adults alike for years to come. I realize that this is a huge beach ball but, I can't believe it has not blown out of the water and into someone's yard and popped. Fingers crossed that I did not just set that in motion to happen in real life.

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