There has been six shootings in the last four weeks and after the most recent incident, Mayor Larson issued a statement. 


Monday after the shooting reported in Duluth's Hillside neighborhood, Mayor Larson wanted to address the issue:

As you know, our Duluth Police Department is currently investigating a fatal shooting on the 500 block of East 11th St. I want to assure the community that our police are fully engaged and have detained a person of interest. The Duluth Police Department responded swiftly and professionally and are making progress to resolve this case. When a person is harmed in our community our whole community is harmed. Today, tragically so. Our condolences go to the victim’s family and friends. As a parent this is simply heartbreaking news. Our Duluth Police staff will be working through the night and expect to provide another update to the public and media  in the morning. I want to thank our police staff for their constant dedication to the safety and wellbeing of our community

It was a great statement and hope our city can turn it around. Six shooting in four weeks is way too much for any city. Our condolences to the victim's friends and family.