For most of us any glimpse of what the frontline workers in hospitals and EMT's face is an occasional interview on the news. It is no secret how stressful this time is for them and the courage they must muster each and every day to care for their very ill patients. Mayor Emily Larson announced wanting to acknowledge in some small way a Thank You from the community.

She made the announcement on Facebook saying:

Last week, we lit the Lift Bridge and Enger Tower in purple to honor those who have died in Minnesota this year. This week, on Wednesday, we will light the Lift Bridge and Enger Tower again, but this time to thank people.

Mayor Larson also announced that the Duluth Police and Fire Department will be conducting a parade with their vehicles around Essentia and St. Lukes hospital as a way to say Thank You from the city of Duluth frontline workers to the healthcare frontline workers. This vehicle parade is not open to the public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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But, Mayor Larson does have a request from the public to help say thank you as well. She has asked for residents to step outside or to lean out a window and bang pots and pans at 3:30pm on Wednesday November 25. Or if you have a musical instrument, horns whatever you have to make noise especially of you live near the hospital grounds. The reason to do this at 3:30pm is this is generally shift change so that is when a majority of workers will be coming in and out of the hospital. On behalf of myself and all of us at MIX 108 Thank You so much for your service and dedication to helping our community stay healthy and safe!

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