The McDonald's in East End Superior has been closed for months while they do a remodel of the store, the remodel is now finished and they celebrated their grand reopening yesterday.

Superior Douglas County Area Ambassadors and Superior Mayor Jim Paine were all on hand for the reopening. The entire restaurant, storefront, and parking lot was redone and they added two new drive-through lanes.

McDonald's celebrated by donating $500 to the Humane Society, $500 to the Salvation Army, $500 to the Superior Police Department and $500 to the Superior Fire Department.

Paine also shared a Facebook post sharing his experience working at McDonald's 20 years ago saying, " It was hard work. It was dignified work. I didn’t really have very high ambitions for my career in fast food except for one: I wanted to be a crew trainer. Not just because that position came with slightly more responsibility, but because you got to wear a black shirt to work! My supervisors never gave me that honor. They said I just didn’t have the leadership skills for it."


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