Somehow 'Rick and Morty' convinced McDonald's to bring back the 'Mulan' inspired dipping sauce. This Saturday will be your only chance to reunite your taste buds with something that might not be good anymore.

Since the season 3 premiere of 'Rick and Morty' back in April, fans have been begging for the Mack Shack to bring the sauce back and even
started an online petition. McDonald's is bringing the sauce back for one day and it's this Saturday (October 7th).

The sauce will be a part of the new launch of their Buttermilk Chicken Tenders. The szechaun sauce and a limited poster will be available at one Duluth location, 2105 London Road starting at 2 pm.

I honestly don't remember the sauce, but I'm very curious if it's as good as 'Rick and Morty' creators say it is. Let me know if you'll be lining up at McDonald's to get your hands on the limited time sauce. "Mcnubba lubba dub dub".

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