McDonald’s announced today that they are testing a new breakfast sandwich in Minnesota.

The McGriddles French Toast Breakfast Sandwich is available now at more than 200 locations around Minnesota including Duluth.

According to McDonald's the sandwich is made from "a brioche French toast bun with a grade-A freshly cracked egg, melted American cheese, savory hot sausage, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon and brushed with sweet syrup."

The sandwich is available during breakfast hours only and is not part of the All-Day Breakfast menu.

“You get savory and smoky flavors from the sausage and bacon,” said McDonald’s Chef Mike Lingo. “Creaminess, cheddar flavors and salt from the American cheese; sweet cinnamon, spice and vanilla flavors from the French toast. It tastes like homemade French toast. It’s everything you love about breakfast in one sandwich.”

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