Like it or not, colors play a big subconscious role in everything we do. For example, the color blue is used in environments meant to be relaxing, and orange is used in food marketing because psychology says it relates to our sense of hunger. This "color psychology" even comes into play in our love lives. When it comes to women looking to attract a man, what color is most successful?

Psychological studies through time have attempted to figure out the impact of colors on our decisions. Among their studies, it was found that black is usually associated with elegance, wealth, power, and strength. Blue is generally speaking the most popular color among people around the planet. While it may be a favorite, it isn't the most appealing

It turns out, through multiple studies that used different methods and situations (including this one), the color red appealed most to men when a woman was wearing it. It turns out red has the same effect on women when it comes to men wearing red. With that being said, the next time you head to the bar looking for a date or post your next online dating profile picture, you may want to dig out that red shirt in your closet.


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