I saw a post on Facebook today about dumb Minnesota laws, and most of them sounded too ridiculous to be true, so I started researching. Keep scrolling to read about a handful of these unbelievable laws. They are all silly, but the one that seems to create the most discussion is the law that states its illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota. Does anyone know if this is/was an actual law? I wasn't able to find anything that confirms this is/was a real law. If it is... I'm in trouble. :)

As I was searching for proof of that law, I did stumble across a real law that most people probably aren't aware of. The law basically says hooking up is illegal. Minnesota Statutes 609.34 says, "When any man and single woman have sexual intercourse with each other, each is guilty of fornication, which is a misdemeanor."

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Enforcement is probably a whole different situation, but the law is on the books. Now you know. Now, let's debunk some other Minnesota "laws" you've probably heard of that may or may not be real.

Are These Real Minnesota Laws?

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