Does your purse ever look like this? A total anxiety filled mess of everything you need but you can't find it anywhere?  Yes. I know. I'm there. This is a picture of my purse at the end of a busy week. But it's not as bad as it looks. Here are my tips on purse cleaning.


Empty the contents of your purse.   Categorize items in your purse in accordance with:

  • Accessibility: How often do you take this item out of your purse in a day
  • Importance: Location of your wallet and easy access
  • Snacks: Food items should have a special location
  • Receipts
  • Important Papers
  • Odds and Ends


What are the things that you need to grab quickly and often out of your purse? These are the things that should be in plain sight...possibly in the center of your purse, or in their own specific pockets or compartments if possible.


I know that I need my phone and water bottle all day long. I drink water all day, and I need my phone for work. So I make sure that my phone has it's own outer pocket, and that I have a purse large enough to accommodate my 32 oz water bottle. I can easily load up this back pack style purse and take it between radio stations when I'm working.

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If you're like me, you have to eat on the go. If you can, put any powder or things that can melt in a large ZipLoc bag, so they don't spill all over your purse.  Depending on how much you plan on keeping in your purse, will determine the size of the purse you carry, how heavy a purse you want to carry, and location of where you keep these items. I keep them in the bottom of my purse, under my wallet, as it balances out the weight of my purse and it's easy to reach to the bottom without looking and grab what I need quickly, as long as I know where they are at.


Paper items are what make a mess in my purse. If you need to carry them, it might be nice to have another ZipLoc specifically for these things. Keeping your masks in a separate location or in their own bag, one marked CLEAN and one marked WASH will help you keep them separate.


Lip gloss, eye glass cleaner, keys. I find a purse with lots of side pockets to separate these items.

I clean my purse out at least once a week, so I don't lose or misplace important papers, and so that I don't have Purse Anxiety. I hate searching for things. Just like having a clean house, a clean purse keeps my mind dust free.  Ahhhh.

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