Swoon while he croons! Michael Buble took to the subway to busk with some fellow singers at the 66th Street subway station at Lincoln Center in NYC.

Dressed in a suit, the father-to-be snapped his fingers and sang a dreamy, a cappella version of 'Who's Lovin' You' from his new album 'To Be Loved.

Plenty of straphangers filmed on their cell phones and an audience quickly assembled. It's not every day that you commute on the train and are treated to an impromptu Buble performance.

The police sirens and roar of the subway were added touches.

Afterwards, Buble said that singing in the subway is the most authentic and organic way to make music and that this was his favorite thing that he did on the album press tour. "I feel like a real New Yawker now," he said.

What's that? Oh, just the sound of us melting.

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