I don't think I've ever seen a major retailer do something like this before.

Hatchimals were the hard to find, "must have" toy for the 2016 Christmas shopping season, and they are still in low stock, but definitely obtainable, I just saw 4 of them on the shelf at Target yesterday (for $54.99) and they are available at a variety of online retailers, including Walmart (for $48.88).

As far as I can tell, the suggested retail price is $59.99, and many retailers sell them for less, but Michels is actually charging MORE, $69.99. I can't ever remember seeing a major retailer charge more than the suggested retail price of an item.

I like Michaels, I shop there all the time, and I realize that their prices are more expensive on certain items because they offer coupons all the time, but they won't accept coupons for the Hatchimals or any other discounts.

I noticed them in stock at Michaels before Easter, and it doesn't seem like they've sold very many if any at all, as I think they had the same amount when I was in there yesterday, so at least most parents are noticing that Michaels is trying to gouge them. Shame on you Michaels.

I do think it's funny that they are a little late to the party, a stunt like this might have worked before Christmas, but not now. At this point it makes them appear out of touch and like a bunch of greedy capitalists.

Ha! Even Google thinks they are price gouging.


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