Miley Cyrus had an eventful Sunday (Aug. 12.) She chopped off her hair. A week after debuting lighter, shorter locks, which framed her face and were still long enough to pile into a bun atop her head, the singer/actress has gone drastically and dramatically shorter. She’s sporting a punk rock pixie cut that’s heavy on the bangs and shaved underneath (aka Skrillex hair).

First, her stylist Chris McMillan shared a photo of himself taking a pair of scissors to Cyrus’ top knot bun, writing “Goodbye bun.” A look of playful shock and fear crosses Miss Miley’s face in the photo, too.

It’s ironic, since McMillan mentioned that Cyrus would still be able to wear her shorter locks in a bun last week. Clearly, her final style was a work in progress and she and McMillan worked slowly to lob off her locks so it was less shocking and jarring for the singer and her fans.

A few hours later, Cyrus tweeted several images of her edgy and extra-short new ‘do. It’s realllllllly drastic and totally punk rock. Not only is it white blonde, but it’s the shortest we’ve ever seen on her, so it’s quite sassier than any cut and color she’s shown us.

There’s no Hannah Montana in this hair, people. The shorter cut does show off her pretty features and she has the genetic good fortune to be able to pull it off, but it’s quite a change. Not all women could wear this look, but it works on Miley.

Judging from her smile in the photos and her ” Never felt more me in my whole life ❤” tweet, Miley is one happily coiffed girl.

Okay, time to open this discussion up to the court of public opinion. What do you think of Miley Cyrus and her choppy, boyish haircut? Love it or hate it, PopCrushers?


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