When you've already recorded a duet with Bret Michaels of Poison, it's kind of hard to surprise anybody anymore, but give Miley Cyrus credit where credit's due: She keeps managing to turn up in unexpected places.

This week's "what the--?" Cyrus spotting takes place in the video for 'Twisted,' the new single from aspiring hip-hop/R&B artist Tiffany Foxx. If you've never heard of Foxx, you're hardly alone -- but her label boss, Lil' Kim, is doing her best to change all that, up to and including making her own cameo appearance in the 'Twisted' clip.

The unlikely triumvirate apparently struck up a fast friendship on Twitter over the last month, starting with a tweet from Miley that observed, "@LilKim follows me. I think that's the only thing in the world that could've made me smile.... Thanks Lil Kim." That kicked off a public lovefest that concluded mysteriously with Miley tweeting, "I'm ready when @1tiffanyfoxx & @LilKim are."

Then, four days ago, Miley tweeted, "Starts with @therealjuicyj ends with @LilKim ❤ what a week : )." At the time, it didn't mean much besides a couple of RTs from Lil' Kim's account, but now we know what Cyrus was talking about: All the fun she had dancing in the background while Foxx filmed her 'Twisted' video. Check it out in the behind-the-scenes clip we've embedded above, and have fun guessing where she might surface next.

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