Christopher Lutter-Gardella is an artist and puppet maker in Minneapolis who had one of his creations, a giant bear, make an appearance last week in a neighborhood in South Minneapolis.

As you can see by the videos below, he is a very big bear compared to the size of the kids around him and the way he can move and blink his eyes is so awesome! Twitter user @mollypeonies said to Bring Me The News "the block has had gatherings since the uprisings following George Floyd's death to connect with one another, celebrate our artist community and to work together for racial justice and equality."

Lutter-Gardella was hosting this particular gathering so he decided to bring out "Bubba The Bear" as something fun for the kids and I am pretty sure adults too.  It takes two people to control Bubba and make him move. Lutter-Gardella wears a backpack inside the bear to control its front half and this time his son was inside controlling the back half.  You can tell they have done this together before because they are in sync with each other.

Lutter-Gardella talked to Bring Me The News about the now viral video saying "It blew up on Twitter. I'm getting friend requests from Bangkok, Thailand – people are seeing it all over the world. So it's kind of a surprise!"  He has been doing puppetry since the 1990's and with the help of some recycled products he was able to make Bubba back in 2004. Since then Bubba has become pretty much of  a staple in the neighborhood making appearances at all different festivals and celebrations.

Lutter-Gardella said to Bring Me The News "I've been impressed at how much joy the simplest things can bring. I do a lot of animal puppets and this was another instance of how delightful it was for people, and uplifting and ... making people smile in a really difficult time."

He seems like such a cool guy and is so talented, check out his website for his other creations like the monarch display at The Mall Of America or the giant Yeti for the 2019 Minneapolis Holidazzle Bazaar.

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