St. Cloud based Gold'n Plump Chicken has vowed to be nixing the use of antibiotics on all their chicken even when still in the egg. They are the first company of its kind to do so.

Some Gold'n Plump products are already labeled "no antibiotics ever" but they hope to have all their retail products including deli food antibiotic free by 2019. A study from Princeton University has said that antibiotics can be bad for animals, people and the environment.

Most people know that Dr.'s want to limit the use of antibiotics, so the bacteria does not build up in the body making it immune to the medication and the same goes for animals. Plus, undigested antibiotics in animals come out in waste which gets into the ground and water supplies.

For us we eat a lot of chicken as a healthier option, so news like this makes us feel better about feeding this to our family. For more information about this product Click Here