We have all seen the one neighbor who has the greenest lawn on the block, even during a stretch of  hot summer days, he is not trying to conserve water.

 The Minnesota DNR urges people to conserve water despite the fact that in the land of 10,000 Lakes we have more than enough resources of water. When you factor in agriculture, business and residential use on top of hot water, resources can deplete rather quickly and drive up costs. Below are a few tips regarding your lawn, to help conserve  our most precious resource.

  • Cut your grass higher 3-4 inches tall, it requires less water than shorter grass, tolerates the heat better and can promote root growth.
  • Water your lawn once or twice a week versus every day.
  • Water the grass early in the morning or evening to avoid evaporation.
  • Make sure your soil is healthy
  • Plant trees to shade the lawn
  • Turn some of your lawn into a native plant garden

If everyone followed these simple rules, if we do go through a dry period a water restriction may not have to be imposed all which would be ideal.

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