Here's another impact of COVID-19 you may not have seen coming. Officials with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety are expecting more firework-related injuries this year than years prior.

Why? With the pandemic cancelling so many holiday-related events and firework shows, many people are expected to take matters into their own hands and put on a show themselves.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety issued a warning about this on their website and urged the public to put safety first. If you still want to put on a fireworks show or attend one, they offered a few tips that can help you be successful:

  • Only use fireworks outdoors and far away from anyone else and their property.
  • Make sure nobody is around the area where the fireworks are being shot off, especially children ad animals.
  • Keep in mind that even sparklers can cause burns.
  • Use a longer lighter to light off any fireworks.
  • Put used fireworks in water overnight before throwing them away to avoid a fire.

Despite COVID-19 cancelling several firework shows in the immediate area, there are still a bunch of options to catch a firework show in surrounding areas of the Northland on Friday, July 3rd and the Fourth of July itself. You can see a full list of locations and times for those dates here.

By the way, if a firework "flies or explodes" it is not illegal in the state of Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Please use caution so that you can have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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