Despite some recent severe weather in the area, we are still seeing major drought conditions across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

According to the latest drought report, three-quarters of Minnesota is seeing either extreme or severe drought conditions. The entire state is seeing some type of drought, varying in how severe conditions are.

The latest report was shared on Thursday (July 29th), courtesy of the National Weather Service of the Twin Cities. They share the snapshot of current drought conditions on their Facebook page. It should be noted that this update was from Tuesday, a few days prior.

Their report shows that, as mentioned, all of Minnesota is seeing some type of drought conditions. The western part of the state has it worst, with red areas showing extreme drought conditions.

The Twin Ports area is also experiencing some type of drought, although not as bad as those areas in western Minnesota.

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As for Wisconsin, they are faring much better in terms of drought. While the southern part of the state sees moderate drought, a good portion of it is caught up with rain for where they should be at this point.

While we did see some severe weather in the state to start the week, it wasn't enough to really get us where we need to be. Another graphic shared by the National Weather Service shows that despite the rain and severe weather, it barely made a dent in drought conditions.

Just about a week ago, we reported on current drought conditions across the state. Not much has changed since then. Let's hope we get some rain in the forecast and stat. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that while we may see rain in August, it won't be as much as usual, meaning our drought may linger even longer.

It has been a very busy year in terms of weather and it looks like it is only going to continue. Recently, the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center reported that we have a strong chance of seeing a La Niña winter season again, at least until January of 2022. This would mean heavy snow and colder temperatures than usual.

Our last La Niña winter definitely left its mark, with a record-breaking February in terms of cold. At one point, we saw three-hundred consecutive hours worth of wind chill advisories. That was without a break!

Between now and then, things should be relatively mild. The Weather Channel released their outlook for August through the end of November. While they say our La Niña winter event could pop up during that time, we should see smooth sailing until that point.

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