4-year-old Avery Stroh was out on an Otter Tail County lake this past Sunday with his dad Eric, little brother Ian and his Uncle when realized he had a pretty big fish on the end of his line.  Everyone was caught by surprise that he had a bite at all because the lake was rather quiet and nobody was catching anything.

Avery grabbed a tadpole out of the bait bucket even though everyone else on the boat was using minnows, asked his dad to put it on the hook and cast his little tiny fishing rod into the lake. A few minutes later he told his dad that he thinks he had a fish and started reeling it in. Thankfully his Uncle grabbed a camera and started filming.

Little Avery kept reeling and reeling with his dad encouraging him holding the net getting ready, and wouldn't you know it this was no pan fish , but he pulled up a 27 inch walleye! They got a few pictures and then tossed the big catch back into the water. But, Avery does ask to look at the pictures and watch the video every night before he goes to bed.  Let's hope his lucky streak continues through the Summer. For more details about this adorable story click here.


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