UPDATE: 3/25/20 2:50 PM

The Governor clarifies that the closure will be extended until 5 pm on Friday, May 1. This announcement is part of a "stay at home" executive order, effective at 11:59 pm March 27, remaining in effect through Friday, April 10. Get the full story here.

ORIGINAL STORY: 3/24/20 4:08 PM

In a virtual press conference today, the Minnesota Governor said that he will extend the closures of the state's schools and restaurants.

The original plan was to have the schools, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues closed until Friday, March 28th, that date will now be extended.

The Governor said today that the situation is fluid and that, "There may come a point where we can say our children aren't coming back this year but because it's so fluid we don't want to make definite pronouncements."

The governor is self-quarantining right now after it was discovered a member of his security detail had tested positive for COVID-19. Look for further announcements this week and don't expect a "stay at home" order from Walz as he says the efforts to "flatten the curve" in Minnesota may be working to slow the spread.

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