Not since 2015 has Minnesota hit this grim milestone so early.

On April 21st, preliminary numbers show that Minnesota has hit 100 traffic deaths on the state's road in 2021, at this point last year Minnesota had 82 fatalities, the state didn't hit 100 deaths until May 26th. In March 2021 Minnesota reported 29 fatal crashes, compared with 24 last year

Speed, alcohol use and not wearing seat belts continue to be the leading reasons why people are dying in traffic accidents around the state. From January through March 31 people died in speed-related crashes, 16 people died in alcohol-related crashes, and 24 people died who were not wearing a seatbelt.

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Men are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes versus woman, in the first 3 months of 2021 55 men had died due to a traffic accident, and 21 were women. DWI arrests are also going back up as bars and restaurants reopen, 5,632 motorists were arrested for DWI in 2021, compared that with 6,330 arrests at the same time last year.
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety says that preliminary reports show there were 395 traffic deaths on Minnesota roads in 2020, compared with 364 in 2019, and as Minnesota reopens more and road construction season gets underway, Minnesota could be well on the way to a deadly year on the roads.

Throughout the state law enforcement agencies including the Minnesota State Patrol have been cracking down on speeding and distracted driving, and you can expect that effort to continue well into the summer months, so drive safe as you hit the road this summer.`

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