Recently the deadline to secure a REAL ID was extended to May 3, 2023.  Many still have questions on whether they need a REAL ID and they are intimidated by the extra time it takes to secure one. However, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division (DPS-DVS) says utilizing online tools will help streamline the application process.

“We want Minnesotans to successfully apply for a REAL ID during their first office visit and not have to make repeat trips,” Driver and Vehicle Services Director Emma Corrie said. “Applying for a REAL ID requires additional documentation, and the process has often led to customers needing to go home, get additional documents and return for a second visit. Pre-applying and pre-verifying documents can prevent this from happening.”

By visiting, you can achieve many things including:

  • Utilize the Help Me Choose tool, under the 'My Driver's License' section. This will help residents select the best license or ID type for their needs.
  • You can pre-apply online to save time during the office visit.
  • If you choose to apply for a REAL ID or EDL/EID, you now have the option to submit your required documents online for pre-verification before they visit an office.

The pre-verification option, which was launched March 29, is especially handy as it saves trips to a DL office. It also reduces processing times times for REAL ID and EDL/EID card applications.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says that as of April 28, 7,136 Minnesotans have applied for document pre-verification. On average, Minnesotans who successfully pre-verify documents receive their driver’s license or ID card in seven to ten business days.

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Those who choose to participate will upload clear, high quality images of the documents they select during their pre-application. The uploaded documents are then reviewed within three business days, which is followed by an email confirming the documents meet pre-qualification requirements.

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