According to the Star Tribune Ty Kohen a pitcher for Mounds View High School was actually in a position of pitching against his childhood friend Jack Kocon in the final inning of the game for a chance to advance to the state tournament. Kohen and Kocon had played youth baseball together before each going off to separate High Schools. What happened next shows just how deep their friendship runs.

Kocon who plays for Totino Grace High School stepped up the plate in the final inning as Kohen threw a strike and Mounds View won the game advancing to the state tournament.  As you can imagine his teammates were ecstatic throwing their gloves in the air and running into a huddle near the pitchers mound to celebrate.

Here is where this young man shows his true colors as he walks past his teammates and hugs his childhood friend consoling him about the loss. He even walked him over to his teams dugout. I know plenty of adults that could learn a lesson form this young man. What a great example of how to conduct yourself not only in a sporting event but in life,


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