A ordinary High School football game last night in St. Cloud turned into quite a spectacle as the team Captain ran on the field to stop a run of the opposing team.

According to The Duluth News Tribune  Zimmerman High School running back Camerin Morey broke free and was running to the end zone when Brad Reuter a captain for St. Cloud Cathedral High School ran on the field from the sidelines and tackled Morey on the 12 yard line.

After the play penalty flags were thrown and and Morey was awarded the 88 yard touchdown run. Zimmerman won the game handily with a 53-20 final score. The following day Reuter took to Twitter to apologize “I’d like to formally apologize to everyone involved for my actions last night,” Reuter’s tweet reads. “That decision was the result of not thinking and was based purely on passion, emotion and frustration.”

One thing is for sure, this video will live in infamy on the internet for years to come.

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