Here's another spooky show to sink your teeth into! Hotel Paranormal is a new show on the Travel Channel and it is going to feature a hotel right here in Minnesota in one of its first few episodes.

Before I get into details, let me tell you a little bit about the show. The new series finds host Dan Aykroyd going to different hotels that are reportedly haunted across the country. According to the Travel Channel's website, each episode features hotel staff and customers revealing their "face-to-face encounters with otherworldly guests" and includes dramatic re-enactments of said ghost encounters.

So where are they headed? The Palmer House Hotel, Restaurant & Pub in Sauk Center! The hotel shared the news on their Facebook page Wednesday (July 15th). Check out what they had to say below:

The episode will be titled "A Dark History" and it will air Saturday (July 18th) at 9 o'clock our time. I can't wait to watch!

The Palmer House has also been featured on other paranormal shows, with the most famous being Ghost Adventures, which is also on the Travel Channel. The hotel burned down in the year 1900 and guests say they have seen, heard and felt things that can't be explained.

I have actually been to this hotel and had a chance to talk to the owner when I was there! There is a room that is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of kids, unexplained smells and noises in different rooms and a basement that owners don't allow guests to go into. Spooky!

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