The state is readying a fleet of mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics to travel around the state to "ensure equitable distribution of vaccines."

Two of the mobile clinics will hit the road this week with four more being added by summer. The mobile clinics will be able to vaccinate 150 people per day, and they will operate throughout the state Monday - Thursday during the summer.

Officials will use demographic, vaccination, and testing data, along with conversations with community partners to determine where the VaxBuses will stop around the state. There is also a form for community organizations to request a stop, you can find that form here on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

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The buses were converted to the mobile clinics from little used buses from the Metro Transit fleet, the seats were removed and new equipment installed, the buses are ADA compliant and will be staffed with more than 700 volunteers from Blue Cross.

“Our mobile vaccination units are ready to roll and will bring life-saving vaccine directly to communities that need them the most,” said Governor Tim Walz. Those communities include, but are not limited to, people of color, urban Native Americans, LGBTQI+, disabled, homeless, and a few others according to the state.

Anyone over the age of 16 can get a vaccine now, use the Vaccine Connector tool to sign up for available vaccination appointments, you can also use the state's vaccine location map here.

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