With all the negative press regarding healthcare costs and care in the United States right now, I wanted to shine a spotlight on some pretty amazing people.

I know a handful of nurses, and worked in the health care field for many years. I saw first hand how amazing so many of these nurses were in a sometimes very thankless and stressful job.

According to WCCO/CBS Minnesota last June Allina Nurses went on strike represented by the Minnesota Nurses Association, and they wanted to give back to the community that supported them. They came to the decision to help eliminate medical debt for as many people as they could. By using a New York based non-profit to acquire and erase the debt.

Rose Roach Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association said “Sixty-two percent of all bankruptcies in this country are due to medical debt and I believe it’s more than 80 percent of all of those folks had health insurance,”

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