Minnesota Power is gearing up to Donate Vehicle Charging Stations To Businesses in Northeastern Minnesota. The program is all part of Minnesota Powers  EnergyForward plan and they are offering up to 20 stations total.

Minnesota Power will donate the  20 electric vehicle charging stations to business customers, along with $1,500 to help cover up to 80% of the cost for each installation. The deadline for a business to apply is November 1. Minnesota Power will choose the business based on location and if it is suitable for charging stations.

Plus to qualify for the charging station each business must meet this criteria:

  • Be a Minnesota Power customer;
  • Dedicate a minimum of two parking spaces to electric-vehicle charging;
  • Have access to 240-volt electric service;
  • Contract with an electrician and/or other contractors to install the equipment;
  • Be within a quarter-mile of an area where people can spend time while charging their vehicles;
  • Be close to retail, restaurants, parks or other amenities;
  • Have dusk-to-dawn lighting;
  • Be accessible to the public at all times;
  • Agree to be responsible for electric usage and demand charges on accounts;
  • Have snow and ice removal plans for year-round charger access;
  • Agree to terms and conditions in a donation agreement.

Of course these kind of terms will eliminate a number of businesses but if you are interested and have the qualifications listed above Apply at mnpower.com/Environment/ElectricVehiclesServiceEquipment. The deadline is Nov. 1.For more information on this story Click Here

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