After a lengthy discussion among members of the Minnesota Senate on Monday, the body voted to pass the bill banning Sunday liquor sales. The measure passed by a 38-28 vote, and now moves to Governor Dayton's desk to be signed.

This vote follows an 85-45 vote in the Minnesota House last week to move the bill into law

Governor Dayton has previously indicated that he planned to sign the bill into law if it gained enough support in the Senate to pass. While Governor Dayton has indicated he will sign the bill, there is still another step.

As the Star Tribune reports, some mediation needs to occur about the details of Sunday sales. The Senate bill allows for a smaller window during the day on Sundays for sales, while the House bill allows for a wider range of hours. The two bodies will need to resolve this difference before the Governor can sign it. The House can either agree to the Senate's smaller timeframe of hours, or the bill will need to head to conference committee to get the details solidified.

Once these details are hashed out, the bill will head to Governor Dayton. Unless he has had a change of heart, once the bill is signed it will officially go into effect on July 1.

Minnesota is currently one of only 12 states in the country that ban Sunday liquor sales. Once made law, this will reduce that number to 11 nationwide.

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