The Olmsted County Sheriffs Department decided to get in on the fun of Law Enforcement agencies from around the country participating in a lip sync challenge of sorts.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Olmsted County is in Southern Minnesota and includes the city of Rochester. The theme of the video is an obvious spoof of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off ' and the parade scene which is awesome, but I think the highlight for me watching the video was the Dover Eyota High School Band. I went to College in Winona with someone who said he was from there and I did not think it was a real place...ha ha. Congrats to everyone involved in the making of this video which has gone viral, and as of today has over 219,000 views!

I know the challenge has been put out there for the Duluth Police Department or St. Louis County Sheriffs Department, let's show everyone in the state what we got in Northern Minnesota. I actually have a few D.P.D. Officers in mind that would do a great job and have some mad dancing skills!

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