The Minnesota Timberwolves announced on social media they will be updating their logo, uniform, renovations to the Target Center and more to bring in a new era. 


The next era of Timberwolves basketball is coming. Be there on 4.11.17 for the unveiling of our new logo.

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Not only is Target updating their look, The T'Wolves will too. The Wolves have been getting a bad rep since Kevin Garnett left the first time, but that's what happens during the rebuilding stage. According to social media, the new look is just the beginning.



The team has great young talent and I'm looking forward to see these new changes come to life. The team has gone through three primary logo changes starting in the '89 season and four different uniforms. Clearly the changes are needed and it looks like the big reveal will happen at their final home game on April 11th. Check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comments.


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