Generally the goal is to keep snow out of US Bank Stadium, but an NFL ban is forcing the team to let the snow fly.

The NFL banned fire and pyrotechnic effects on field, after an incident during week 2 of the 2019 season, where a flame machine started on fire at a Tennessee Titans' home game , the flame effects were generally used during pregame for player and team introductions.

The Minnesota Vikings shot giant flames in the air during player introductions, but all that stopped in 2019 and only off the field flame effects could be used, like the pyro used after a Vikings' touchdown.

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Now, the Vikings have something new, a snowstorm is now created indoors during player introductions while Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' plays. 25 snow making machines were installed in the roof of US Bank Stadium, they use a liquid to make a foam and have fans that blow the fake snowflakes out over the crowd.

The effect is good, and in my opinion is more fitting than the fire effects anyway. Vikings Director of Entertainment, Greg Bostrom told KARE 11, "Minnesota is known for its snow, you know, we're playing indoors now but our history is what defines us, and the weather here is part of what defines us. This is part of the experience now."

The effect's crew has a very important rule from the team, and that is to keep the snow (foam) off the field, the last thing they need is a delay of game plenty or fine because of the snow.

I've talked to a few people that have experienced the new snowfall inside US Bank Stadium, and they all had nothing but positive things to say about it, a couple of people pointed out that it wasn't really a snowstorm, but maybe a light snowfall.

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