It is always cool to see athletes showing support for other athletes whether it is in the stands or on the sidelines. Although if they are in the stands they usually have the best seats in the house. Yesterday the LA KIngs hockey team tweeted a video of Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks watching the game with a female companion and both were wearing LA Kings hockey jerseys showing they are legit fans.

Once the camera zooms in on him in his seat he smiles and immediately grabs his beer, cheers his friend and slams it in record time. Now as a linebacker and professional football player I am sure he must feel like he has some type of reputation to uphold which includes being able to chug a beer. But, his friend next to him was no slouch either as she parked down whatever she was drinking pretty quickly. Thanks to a hefty contract with the Vikings I am sure he is not too concerned about the fact he has to buy another beer. Check out his mad chugging skills. For more on this story click here

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