This is random - but great! A new study has named a few counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin among the places that are healthiest to live in in the entire country.

The list is made up of about 3,000 different communities and is rearranged each and every year based on differing results. The study is put together each year by the U.S. News & World Report.

So which counties made the list? Three different counties - two in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin! Here's which ones made the cut:

  • According to the study, Carver County is one of the healthiest communities in the country. It came in at number eight, thanks to the economy of the area, health of the population and infrastructure status. (In case you didn't know, Carver County is located near Chaska, Minnesota.)
  • Ozaukee County is representing Wisconsin on the list, coming in at number eleven on the list. It scored high thanks to its great population health, economy and infrastructure, similar to that mentioned above.
  • Washington County made the list as well, coming in at number twenty-four. The large county, made up of about 300,000 people, also scored well in three areas: population health, economy and infrastructure. The county is in Minnesota.

The study also looked at other factors like education, food and nutrition. I think it is pretty cool that a few counties from Minnesota and Wisconsin made the cut, considering just how many communities there are across the country.

There is always a new study coming out and you have to take each one with a grain of salt, since each looks at different factors to get their results. For example, Minnesota and Wisconsin both recently were named some of the best states for teachers.

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