Valentine's Day is coming up, and nothing says I love you more than naming a Madagascar hissing cockroach after someone you love, at least according to the Minnesota Zoo.  

The Minnesota Zoo is doing an interesting fundraiser this year, for just $10 you can name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after a loved one. Your recipient will receive a cute electronic certificate, a personalized note, and a sweet poem that reads:

"Roaches are red, violets are blue, I named a cockroach, after you at the zoo!"

Definitely a fundraiser outside of the box, but all proceeds will help the Minnesota Zoo continue to save wildlife and educate people about all animals. Also, many of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches are members of the Zoomobile, Close Encounters, and educational classes. So your cockroach could possibly be a star at the Zoo!

If the hissing cockroach doesn't sound like the perfect romantic gift, there are also red pandaspenguins, and other animals to sponsor too.

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