Let's face it, we all do some crazy or stupid stuff from time to time and we all deal with embarrassing situations. Sometimes the only way to clear your conscience or recover from the embarrassment is to tell someone else that wild or unbelievable story. To make it easier, we at MIX 108 are giving you a unique way to clear your conscience and move on from those funny or embarrassing situations you find yourself in.

Whether it's an awkward date you walked out on, something your child did at the mall, or something rowdy you kind of remember doing over the weekend, we want to hear about it! You can confess and move on by either calling or texting (218) 673-0MIX - or that's (218) 673-0649 in number form - and sharing your funny or embarrassing story and Jeanne and Cooper will share some of the best during the morning show.

If you'd rather, you can always tweet at us (@mix108duluth) using the hashtag #MIX108Confessions or shoot us your confession through the form below.

MIX 108 Confessions

Clear your conscience!
  • You don't have to give us your full name, but at least give us a first name we can use on the air.
  • What's the story?