We're halfway through 2021, and it's been a deadly year already on Minnesota Roads. The Minnesota State Patrol is saddened to report that there is an 84% increase in speed related traffic deaths compared to last year at this time.

Last year during the pandemic, it was "mind blowing" to see all the speed related traffic fatalities. 122 people died on Minnesota Roads in speed related accidents. That's the most since 2008 when there were 125 fatalities.

In 2021 there already are 70 speed related fatalities. Last year at this time there were 38. If we continue this pace we'll see 224 people die on Minnesota roads which would be the most since 2002.

The Minnesota State Patrol has picked up it's patrols in the last year as we've seen excessive speeding. Many times those arrested are going over 100mph.  It's been a bizarre phenomenon that we saw begin early with the lockdown of COVID-19. People are driving faster and more recklessly.

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I drove from Duluth to Willow River yesterday on Interstate 35 and saw numerous MN State Troopers on the side of the road. In just a 60 mile stretch I saw 2 cars pulled over for speeding. The troopers are doing what they can to slow people down including writing tickets.

The State Patrol also is reminding people to not drink and drive. Holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July and others tend to me more deadly on roadways as people are drinking and driving more. Be smart, safe, and plan a sober ride.

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