Here we go again! Minnesota was just named one of the happiest states in the country and it's not the first time we've taken that title, either.

In fact, a few years back, we were also named one of the happiest states in the country in a study by WalletHub. At the time in 2019, we were ranked at number three, making us the third happiest state in the entire country.

The year prior, we were also named one of the happiest states, along with the neighboring state of Wisconsin. At the time, Minnesota was the third happiest state and Wisconsin made the cut at number eleven. Not too shabby if you ask me!

We've taken many titles over the years, including being named one of the best states to live in just a few short months ago. We were also labeled some of the hardest-working people, as Minnesota was named one of the hardest-working states.

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Now, Minnesota has been named one of the happiest states yet again, once again by WalletHub. They released a study of the happiest states in the country Tuesday (September 20th).

So where did Minnesota rank this time? Once again, Minnesota came in at number three. The study looked at things like those that get enough sleep, of which Minnesota came in at number two. Minnesota also has a high volunteer rate, which helped our high ranking. Minnesota also placed high on the list of safest states.

Part of me was surprised by this study, given the fact that Minnesota is known for its long and cold winters as opposed to warm and tropical states. However, there is just something about midwesterners. We enjoy the simple things in life and a quiet way of life.

It should be noted that other factors in this study include divorce rate, income growth, unemployment rates, work hours and more. As for Wisconsin, they came in at number twenty-one on the study.

So what state was named the happiest in the country? Hawaii! That one is sort of a no-brainer and doesn't need an explanation. Maryland, New Jersey and Utah also round out the top five.

If you are thinking of a move, it may be best to avoid places like Louisiana, Arkansas and West Virginia. Only time will tell which study we top next!

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