As we continue into the early days of April, the hope of warmer weather is beginning to grow. Despite a round of late-season wild winter weather hitting parts of Minnesota to start the first full week of the month, the promise of warmer weather and maybe a shift to spring is on the horizon.

There's talk of temperatures across the state next week springing into the 50s, and even 60s! This will bring with it what could be the end of the winter season. As all Minnesotans know, this isn't all good news.

The shift from winter to warmer weather brings with it plenty of reasons for optimism, but it isn't all sunshine and flowers - and the Minnesota Department of Transportation made a point to remind us of that in a social media post this week.

As any Minnesotan knows, the Land of 10,000 Lakes really only has two prominent seasons: Winter and road construction. As winter wanes, that means Minnesota's other season is on the horizon.

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The post from MNDOT, shared Monday, April 3, was pretty short and simple, aiming to serve an important purpose. At the same time, it also stands as a cruel reminder of what stands ahead. Just as we get excited about the prospect of an end to snow, WHAM! Another Minnesota unpleasantry is on the way.

The important message is that as we move into springtime and the snowy season ends, road construction season is kicking off. At the heart of this message is the importance of slowing down and paying extra attention in roadway work zones to protect workers, as well as drivers on those roadways.

At the same time, the post serves as a reminder that Minnesota's other season is about to kick off - ready or not. Road cones, detours, and delays are on the way. The snow might be coming to an end (hopefully), but this is just getting underway.

While navigating work zones as a driver is rarely a fun experience, these projects are important - aiming to improve our roadways, with the aim of making them safer and better to drive on. So, the payoff is almost always worth it, regardless of the frustration from detours and traffic delays in the meantime.

After a winter that gave the state a bumper crop of massive potholes, I would imagine most people will more readily welcome work crews to the roadways, so they can begin the process of this season's road repair and improvement projects.

Just remember, slow down and drive with extra caution as you're traveling through work zones this road construction season.

MNDOT has actually developed a bit of a reputation of coming up with funny, interesting, and otherwise attention-getting highway signs. Here are some other examples.

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